• Employment

The Australian Bakery Cafe is looking for team members in both the Marietta and Cumming locations:

  • Bakery Production Manager
  • Bakers Assistant
  • Line Cook
  • Front Counter Customer Service

Please email your resume to resume@australianbakery.com or bring your resume into either location.


Australian Bakery Café, LLC has the following opening for a Bakery Production Manager

Job Duties:

The Bakery Production Manager will lead, direct and oversee the bakery’s production operations ensuring the production of high quality baked goods. The Bakery Production Manager must demonstrate good working knowledge of the functionality of ingredients, recipes and baking formulations and strive for continuous improvement in quality and taste. The Bakery Production Manager will conduct the following duties: plan, direct, and coordinate the activities and operation of the Bakery. Ensure prompt fulfillment of production orders and plan production schedules and operations for manufacturing baked goods. Oversee bakery personnel and ensure that operational schedules and manufacturing activities meet production and quality specifications. Maintain bakery equipment to ensure the quality of the baked goods products. Maintain machines and equipment to ensure good manufacturing practices and specific operational procedures are followed. Ensure the bakery has sufficient raw materials to meet the productions demand. Enforce and review standard operational and working practices. Organize and facilitate team meetings. Motivate team members to achieve plan goals. Monitor sanitation and production needs and make adjustments if necessary. Ensure safe working environment by monitoring safety standards in the kitchen, as well as other areas of the bakery. Report and record employee attendance issues. Communicate with President and Vice President to assist in resolving issues. Responsible for maintaining schedules on a daily basis, while achieving the goals that are set by upper management. Supervise operational or training meetings. Monitor training for both new and existing employees. Meet or exceed customer quality requirements.


Minimum Prerequisites: Two years of experience in the Australian baked goods industry, plus at least one year of training in apprenticeship in breadmaking and baking.

Please send resumes to: Ms. Wendy Beyer, 48 South Park Square, Marietta, GA 30060