Aussie Meat Pie ™ 4pk

Nathan Barkley
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HELLO HEAVEN! I grew up in a Bakery, and have not had the savory taste of a delicious meat pie in my mouth for over 7 years now. I hesitated to buy from you guys due to the shipping expenses. However, my wife surprised one evening as she pulled a pie and sausage roll from the oven. I melted at the smell. The warm crisp pastry, the oozing rich savory meat, with a aqueeze of Tomato Sauce.....oh, I sure was in heaven.
You guys certainly did not disapoint a home sick aussie!
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Can't wait to try my favourite childhood slice - Vanilla slice!

steven gavin
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great pies you blokes, i`ve been in the states since `95 and only just discovered your bakery. i feel like a bit of a doofus for not finding you before now. anyway, the pies and sausage rolls were great,just like home, the vanilla slice was amazing too. plenty more orders will be coming from me. thanks, steve

Kerrilynne McFadden
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I am from Australia now living in Indiana and I really missed food from Australia. My friend Lori told me about your site 18 months ago and I have been in heaven ever since. The meat pies are better then the ones I had been getting in Australia so thank you so much for making this Aussie feel like I am back home again. My husband fell in love with the meat pies while we were over there and now he brags to all his friends about this site and the great products we can get. I will be ordering again really soon. Have a great day and thank you.

Richard Lawler
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Thanks for providing such great products and service. We are an Australian family living in Iowa and my children miss everything about Australia, especially the food. We stumbled across your website over the Christmas holidays and ordered a whole bunch of food including Christmas pudding - it arrived in only a few days, perfectly packed and during the holiday period - great service. Having a hot meat pie for lunch on the weekend makes them feel not too far from home - we will be ordering from you again. Thanks.