Sausage Roll 6pk

Julianne Wright
These were spot on! OMG!!! That flaky pastry! & when slathered in tomato sauce.... Heaven! I will definitely be buying more of these! 👍🏻😛

Scheryl Hayhoe
These are a good size and the pastry is perfect for a sausage roll. The flavor was okay but just not quite what I expected. They tasted much better with plenty of tomato sauce (ketchup)

Connie Lipe
Originally from Wollongong, south of Sydney - I now live in Dallas,Texas and whenever I need a little comfort food from home, I turn to the Australian Bakery Cafe. I ordered items online and they are promptly sent to my door. Great food and my one-stop shop for Aussie tucker. Love the Sausage Rolls!!!