Aussie Bangers 5lb (Pork)

Maureen C.
I have lived in Canton, OH for the past 27 years.

I certainly miss my "home country AUS," so I thought I'd have an Aussie fingerfood party here at the hotel I'm presently staying at as I'm buying a little house. I had the party for all the motel staff, along with Aussie toothpicks in the finger food of party pies, sausage rolls, spinach and feta, etc., etc., all bought online from your establishment.

The bangers/snags were the best I've had in 27 years! And everyone absolutely loved them. I had them cooked on the BBQ Aussie style, i.e. slightly burnt. Oh yum! I think you may be getting some future orders for them. Thanks for the food!

Have you ever thought of doing lamb and mint snags? They used to sell those at DJ's and they were good as well. Just a suggestion . . .

Howard Smith
Got the order today and cooked some of the bangers for supper as soon as I could.The bangers were great, better then some I've had back in Australia. Just the thing to have after a long day at work, all I need now a good beer.I will be ordering a lot more of these.